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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

potentially major markets are going to make new 2011 high into the cycle top date on

7/21 charts updated in the stockcharts public list.
"VOTE" me to top for the what's going on ST & MT.

7/20: $spx rejected at the gap resistance, chart updated on the stockcharts public list. only one "vote" for the entire morning! i need more votes to post the most critical charts.

7/19 after market - $spx micro term special member update
AAPL after hour surged more than 6% above $400 then slipped a bit under to $400 on strong earning release.
but futures only up slightly, SPY and DIA did not pass beyound the day high.
it prompts me to look at the micro term structure.

$spx, after broke out of the mid Fibo fan line,
rejected at the upper Fibo fan line after completed 5 micro waves, also the blue trend line resistance.
consider DJIA has its best day of 2011, and ST fear factor is in the extreme complacency zone, TICK is very overbought, the potential of some short term pull back is high.

The potential MT ... pattern toward new 2011 high still is my view, but the cycle is pointing to ..., and won't get to new high in just a few days.
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need enough "VOTE" support to reveal the patterns, specific date and all details on this special report!
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once the vote number is satisfied, the complete report of both $spx and $rut will be released. vote daily, then the sooner you will see the complete report.
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this is a necessary process to complete the structure for the coming code blue grand bear market.

PS1. from 7/18 yesterday's market close update:
"despite $spx broke down short term with volatility, i like the mid term ... pattern case for one more top before the LT broadening exapnding triangle wave-E plunge well below 900 (in the coming grand bear market)."

PS2. the big picture of GS posted is as good as it can get - with either the Lehman route, or LT target $20. today GS down 2% on a huge market up day on bad earning.