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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

extremely volatile FOMC day

today, i real time updated exactly the technical points of the reasons of $spx, $indu, $compq, $rut(tza) turned around at the day low. could have big impact of what's coming at least in the medium term.
today, i had 24 members real time intraday updates, covered long term, intermediate term, medium term, short term, micro term on $spx, $indu, $compq, $rut, $vix, tza ... all on critical junctures
black swan status updated.

on the stockcharts public list, i am #5 voted, much less votes than many of those mostly bullish guys, unreal! i am probably one of the very very few person saw the black swan crash case was coming near the market high (not just a regular top signal), and reported to members. but i deserve only few votes, so less real time stockcharts posted.

an extremely volatile day on the FOMC day. $indu was sharply higher after the market open (+230). then down as much as 206 points after FOMC. and the closed up 429 points. the up and down swing for the day is 640 points with many big fast swings in between.