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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

GOLD and USD - humble sentiment and humble pattern

red curve is GOLD,
green curve is USD.
i construct this long term gold and usd charts, i call it humble gold_usd pattern-sentiment charts.
it's very interesting the sentiment of GOLD is at the same spot as USD year on 1985 top.
also USD current low rhythm well with the pattern as GOLD 2001 low. with here double bottom of higher low, the spread of the lows of both are multi-years, also double top with lower high at previous top rhythm well.

today JPM upgrade GOLD's target price to 2500 and higher, many banks also upgrade and see much higher prices of GOLD. these are the same banks(JPM, GS, MS, ...) upgrade oil a few times while oil was at $100 some weeks ago. just now hearing Kinross ceo Tye Burt on cnbc saying gold is a safe heaven, a safe place to invest, will be a lot higher...). many many analysts saying the same thing.

GOLD is at the top of the black mid pitch fork,
as the purple circled previous two instances, it might or might not have a climax overshoot before it's done.

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