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Sunday, August 14, 2011

major medium term humble member weekend reports and special reports at inflections.

Aug 18: after yesterday reported $spx rejected at Intermediate term (iso line), Medium term(crash line), Short term(zone line) resistances, i have very important market medium and intermediate term updates on "matched" big picture patterns.
Aug 17: today's market developement is all exactly as precise technicals real time members updates for both short term and medium term developement.
Intermediate term, Medium term, Short term resistances - at the day high 1208, $spx found resistances at three different time frames, all exactly at the same level with different technicals.
at the low of the day 1184, $spx found support exactly at the short term blue zone line.
falling off the cliff - since the debt downgrade, the resturants i go to, all have very significant less people (less than one half), compared to they mostly were full with people having meals. things have changed quickly with the black swan crash.
per cnbc, past weeks were the third largest dollar amout of large mutual funds pull out of the market since 2007. two largest ones were during Oct 2008.

Aug 16: GOLD up 27, reached 1789. my pattern shows potential GOLD crash in the near term, unless GOLD makes new all time high above 1817 of last week's.
if the potential GOLD crash comes, what's the impact on the stock market?
for the past two days, $spx, $indu, $rut were back testing the crash line and were rejected.
i reported to members of black swan CRASH on Jul 22's, and trade both ways on medium term base.
for details and more, contact membership at:

PS. Aug 15: ... proceeding well. i see it was coming, i see it's moving. i see majority of bulls and bears will be in disbelief even more than the black swan crash, will be in huge surprise. the fast move in a hurry from 1101 to 1204 acertain what i see. patterns rule!

I reported black swan crash on the Jul 22, 2011 member report while $spx was at 1347. Since then, $spx crashed 247 points from 1347 to 1101, and $indu crashed 2130 points, and $rut crashed 24% in just 12 trading days.

Then I reported bullish special member report on Aug 10 when $spx was at 1120, Today $spx closed at 1204.

Despite the daily intraday volatility, all my major medium term inflections reports are within 1 ~ 2 days of medium term top and bottom.
Currently, the market is proceeding well with my medium term bullish special report since $spx 1120 on Aug 10.
I also have the next medium term target planned and reported to members.