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Monday, August 29, 2011

membership service

Aug 31: ... $spx is 110 points higher since i real time issued the IT bullish call on Aug 22 at $spx 1122 to members with all the detailed technical analysis. The upside target issued on Aug 23, and reiterated on Aug 29, for ($spx, $indu, $compq, $rut) perspective and analysis of next medium term market developement also issued to members.

shortly after 10 am ET, $indu pulling back from the daily IT trendline resistance. also is the MT ($indu, $spx) pair of pitch fork line. the news was DOJ blocks AT-T acqusition of T-mobile of antitrust. the news knocked down T and VZ, two $indu components. a perfect timing! during Jun ~ Jul 6-month trading range, i updated with this ($spx, $indu) MT pair of red pitch fork. they broke down on early Aug, now exactly back tested pitch fork line, which are now resistances.
... 17 real time updates with 15 charts analysis for the day. critical big picture TBT analysis issued, which invloves with overall market structure, and highly probable market developement going forward for intermediate term.
imho, all the following popular Elliott wave options are wrong:
wrong 1). bearish corrective wave 4 since the 1370 (or 1356)top.
wrong 2). bearish corrective wave c of (2) since the 1370 (or 1356)top.
wrong 3). bullish corrective wave 2 or wave-a of 2 for the entire rally from 3/6/2009.
i already knew the potential ew count when $spx was near 1101 bottom, all patterns, blueprints, technical supports/resistances matched.
my members' updates and reports are at least 20 times better than on the blog posts. i will try not to have critical analysis and views post on the blog, this is the fairness and courtesy concerns to my members.
join the membership to benefit from my analysis to make much more profits than the small fees.

Aug 29 night: a special 6 pages high alert member report issued.

recent months, the membership service is more focus on medium and intermediate term tradings. the results are exceptionally good as shown on the follwoing chart!
this is in contrast of early stage of membership service with a mix of intraday, short term, medium term tradings - which is more prone to market volatility whipsaws.

Aug 30: the main focus of the day is the IT green iso line. also the blue zone line and the red crash line, and various indicators. all within my expectation as real time updated to members.
with precise intraday short term updates on $spx, $indu, and $rut, tza.
the main focus is the medium and intermediate term technicals and perspectives.
17 real time updates with 12 various charts analysis. TLT analyzed.