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Friday, August 12, 2011

nasdaq $compq LT back test line

this chart and $indu, $spx pairs all presented to members when $spx was at 1101 on Aug 9. they all got to the presented supports and moved substantially higher.
these are LT lines.
IT, also have corresponding exact ending low point.
crash line also issued during this plunge, the technical reason of so much volatilities is because $spx, $indu, $rut, $compq, $ndx all sliced through the crash line.
in case you missed this one, i have the future one in plan. there are stages for the overall of this "animal".

Jul 22 close's member report of black swan plays very well - crash down.
Aug 10 close's member special report of "black swan companion" plays well too - melt up.
Aug 12: another potential pattern within the "black swan companion" observed and reported.
for details and more, contact membership at:

PS. it's united: majority of "professional" subscriptions and ew blogs are calling current rise from $spx 1101 as fourth wave and are looking for fifth wave new low. they all agreed! so what's the odds?
during late Jul, just when the black swan crash about to proceed, these same group of people, both bulls and bears, including the most bearish prechter's ewi, they all calling for triangle fourth wave, and were all looking for new 2011 high! they all missed by a mile in the total different direction. now they are calling fourth wave again.
i am on a different page, mainly due to the patterns, and black swan cycles.