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Saturday, August 20, 2011

St. Louis FED Financial Stress Index - US is entering recession

while economists are confusing and disputing, the chart speaks for itself.

FOMC statement on Jun 22:
" the economic recovery is continuing at a moderate pace, ... Household spending and business investment in equipment and software continue to expand..."

the more advance predicting model of humble black swan system reported the crash stress situation one month ago, and continue to project coming developement, and report to members.

St. Louis FED Financial Stress Index shows US is entering recession shade area, only a hair away, similar to 2008.
but also similar to summer 2010, which transitorily saved by QE2.
if solidly enter the shade area, it could mean US economic double dips, and $spx would move to approach Mar 2009 low of below 700.
watch this coming Friday' Fed's annual meeting in Jackson Hole.