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Saturday, August 27, 2011

US Financial Index

PS. Monday Aug 29, 10 am ET: market broke out to the upside, proceeding well with last Friday members real time reported (@spx 1135) bullish pattern, also all is well expected as in the weekend report.
all supports / resistances and patterns correctly real time reported to members.
how much more price and how much longer the patterns can last? all real time reporting to members.

PS. a guy asked: "do you have any type of guarantee?"
there is no service in the world can guarantee!!!
BUT i am confident on my analysis that i can offer some meaningful $spx price and time guarantee!!! check with me.
this offer expires 23:00ET Sunday Aug 28, 2011.

weekend member comprehensive report released. contact me if you are interested.
it's a very precise, promising report!

Main coverage:
Humble Two-Sides-Blade system ...
R. Black Swan system ...
Crash Line, Iso line.
Short Term market ...
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Risk management of black swan crash continuation ...
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DJ US Financial Index.
Extra International Stock Indexes -
Emerging markets (eem),
Euro STOxx ($stox5e),
German ($dax),
Japan ($nikk),
Taiwan ($twii),
US Dollar (UUP).

PS. from my multiple cycles study, i probably can "estimate with calculation" of what bernanke will do in the next fomc, and the roadmap toward there.
If the roadmap of my "QE3 guesser with stock market cycles" is correct, then QE3 or not could probably not that difficult to figure out. This roadmap consists of market long term, and intermidiate term, and FOMC cycles.