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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

a very special huge pattern

PS. Thursday Aug 11: did i see this rally? certainly! as this post shows, i sent a special report about this special pattern for the rally. what's next? and what's the medium term and intermediate term moves? it's all defined clearly in the special rport - only for subscribed members. i have a name for this special pattern, it's my own and original - it proved to be working in the past, and no reason it will not work again.
in my updates and reports, i not only give members the signals, i also detail the methords and patterns so members can apply in the future.

potentially will be a very-extremely-super-huge-enormorous surprise to both bulls and bears if stay on the wrong side.

if no extremely huge surprise to me, i plan to work on a special report to release to members tonight or tomorrow morning.

majority of people were huge surprised by the black swan crash ocurred in the past 2~3 weeks, but it's all detailed in my Jul 24 weekend report.