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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Labor Day special offer reveal & market close report
i issued a special morning report during pre-market Sep 6 (at $spx indication of 1140's), it's a bullish report.
the refund policy is if $spx can not make to 1220 by Sep XX, then i will have a full refund for special trial members. even more, the membership fee is 50% of regular's.
for new members join during the Labor Day weekend, should already bought the 1140's (or covered shorts) bottom on Sep 6 as i extensively real time reported and updated to them. (many of them did as i know). you can calculate how much you can make or save if know my "bottom line". it's much much more than the small fee.
now $spx near 1199, with two days gain of about 60 $spx points!!!
but even if $spx get to 1220 target and time is later than my target date, then i will still have full refund for them, and become a free trial for them. what a deal for the first time ever! it's a bad deal for me, but a good deal for members tried. i will try to avoid such a bad deal for me in the future. Labor, Labor, Labor, the key word!!!
i also reported to members my medium term and intermediate term view.
will 1220 stop the rally? or how much more? check with me.

humblestud​ent membership Sep 7, 2011 market close report

$spx, $indu, $rut, $compq all have confirmed bullish island reversal.
it's a "strong short term bullish signal" .
SPY open above the red line as bullish island reversal confirmation.

as updated yesterday, $spx break above the upper red falling wedge line, and then successfully back tested line, and then move higher.
that already is a short term bullish signal.

$spx XXXX pattern proceeding well, as sucessfully tested the validation e-line.

on the $spx 1m chart, after $spx successfully tested the validation e-line at the mid brown pitch fork,
it could be moving toward the upper brown pitch fork.
which is around XXXX, in line with previous updated upper Keltner channel line around XXXX.

Keltner channel : $spx, if consistantly staying above the mid Keltner channel, could push toward the upper channel line, around XXXX.

in short term, as TZA (3X $rut bear) is having a bearish island reversal,
could be moving toward the blue circled St support at the lower green pitch fork line, and also is the upper brown Fibo fan line.

Volume indicator points to potentially not a one day event due to strong kick-off up volume.
Even if there is a micro term pull back, the trend still is up due to volume indicator.
My observation is: often with such a strong up volume activities, the up move won't be a one day event.

ST fear factor is in the XXXX zone.