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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

recent supports and resistances, and ST, MT, IT trend trading

PS. i have been updating members for quite a while of the importance of $spx 1100.
detailed analysis in many aspects (presented to members) shows if 1100 breaks down, it will not be just a so called wave [5] down, it will be a crash. and not just a regular crash, will be a Great Crash. will it come? i provided my view and analysis to members.
to be specific. if 1100 breaks down, the pattern will be the same as 1929 Great crash. i already detailed the analysis in many aspects since many weeks ago and presented to members. this case is not about supports or resistances, it's about big picture patterns and other aspects.
will it come? might be and might be not. i specify my preference and view about this case to members, and what to look for as warning signs.

for private membership, contact:

all the recent market actions are as expected and as i real time extensively updated to members. including $USD, OIL, $SPX, $INDU, $RUT and lots indicators and patterns.
i also clearly issue my upside target for this round of market moves as a whole.
also define the ways to trade Short term, Medium term, Intermediate term.