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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

$spx 1200 short term target reached! issued at 1136 low on Sep 12

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i reported to members: day trend, short term, medium term, intermediate term views. also critical long term technicals, and various cycles, indicators. most important, plenty of critical patterns i observed or discovered that not seen anywhere else. for example black swan crash, three peaks and domed house, two-sides-blade system ...

Sep 14 portion of members intraday real time updates (key portion not included):

two days ago when $spx reached 1136 low, i updated with:
"Sep 12: double bottom with potential ST upside 1200+-."
we reached the short term target in a little over two days!

tza: for the last 2 days, since the rejection at the mid green pitch fork, i have been updating many times of the target at lower green pitch fork line. now the target reached!
all perfect!

following is the snapshot of the real time call from Sep 12 at $spx 1136 to members: