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Friday, September 2, 2011

$spx and $indu plunged from the intermediate term major resistances

current market is at very critical status, an exemterly important pattern is defined for all major indexes.
also after the market close, a latest proved working rhythm pattern is discovered. i such have high confidence of this new undiscovered pattern, cross verified that i can guarantee it will work! check with me.

members updates are depend on market activities. i am watching and analyzing the market for the whole trading hours.
sometimes market is slower w/o much change, the i do less.
sometimes market is either very critical or very actively volatile, then i do more.
most of time i do 10 or more real time updates during the trading hours.
today i had 15 intraday updates.
yesterday 18, the day before yesterady 16.
sometimes i have more than 20, 25. a couple of times, more than 30 updates a day.
i try my best to bring members the most updated critical updates.
i also spend a lot of time to do a comprehensive weekend report to plan for the coming week, also medium term, intermediate term.
sometimes i also issue special report if i see something very critical, usually issue in the night or before the market open.

how important is this plunge from the major resistances and what is my view? check with me on membership.

market plunged on no job creation for Aug.

PS. until further notice, i suspend the stockcharts public list since only two person really serious about it and support with votes.