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Friday, October 14, 2011

is above $spx 1370 a bluff?

looks like most people are into the "bull bus" and just starting to come up with some bullish fancy stuff, both bulls and-bears, even some so called perma-bears.
the "real" sentiment is a completely 180 degree than just one week ago when most people are in the "bear bus". "feel" the real sentiment!
so is it time to ...?

"long way up to surprise everybody"? or it's a bluff?
i am going to present to members an "alternate" that this rally is going to be ended very very very very soon and for good, and never come back up.
two completely opposite options. which one is "my real feeling"? join membership to know the details.

the greater than 1370 offer still is good. but is it a bluff? i do not mind if you take advantage before the offer expires:
Oct 10 private membership special offer - prediction of $spx to make new high above 1370: