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Friday, November 4, 2011

forecast for next week - made at mid day while market was near the low.

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as posted yesterday, market yesterday closed at multiple resistances and with setup for today's early plunge.

mid day 12:35 pm ET market update -
i am forecasting a rally late in the day or next Monday.
SPY could close near the open gap, and ready for a potential bullish island reversal on next Monday.

the real time market update of forecast was made not far from the market low, forecast with one more green "e" down, then the rally, and to rally above yesterday's high of 1263 on next Monday.
my strength is even more with medium term analysis.

PS. reply to Chartrambler's comments:
all the time, i made it very clear to my members as where the market goes in terms of short term, medium term, and intermediate term.
i think you are confused because you only read public information piece here and piece there without elaboration.
as you can see, all my calls (both sides)are as good as you can have a small fee to buy the first hand, complete details w/o any delay, and hence make good money.
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PS. the charts told me "Greek PM will win confidence votes", and i don't need to wait for a few hours later to see the actual vote, and to wait would be too late for market action.
i believe technical charts lead the news, not the other way around! all the time, all the same!