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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

historical graphical archived log

someone mentioned archived log, i digged some old graphical archived log.

have not got a chance to update since then, maybe will find time to update a new highlighted major swing turns after that last date.
all highlighted swing turns on this graphical archived log can be proved with record.

last night someone bought the latest XXXX black swan crash report alone, without join the membership.
it's for sale of $55 if you need a copy.
it's just one chart with annotation and a single paragraph.
and it's working, so far so good.

all my weekend reports have market predicting nature.
my latest weekend report and many previous weeks' weekend reports are working 100% perfectly on predicting the medium term market swings and volatilities on both up and down.
latest weekend report also is for sale, the report has my full analysis for $spx, medium term and intermediate term. also $USD...