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Monday, November 7, 2011

some short term real time intraday market updates stuff at earlier day high and day low

after hour market action further support my view of popular held & traded XXX will crash very soon, as i sent a special after hour update to members - it's a perfect match of the previous black swan crash!

even though "something" run up a bit, i still do mean by "something" potentially will have a black swan crash as detailed presented in the member weekend report. "something" is at the same status when $spx had one last run and was at 1347 high on Jul 22, where i posted black swan crash report on the blog.
when this "something" crashes, all assets will be greatly impacted. and i guess you can either greatly profit from it or heavily hurt by it, depends on your position direction. certainly i won't say publicly about what is "something", because it won't be fair to my members.

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today's real time intraday market updates got both market earlier day high and market day low.
those are short term stuff for changes, my strength is on the medium term and intermediate term.

for tomorrow:
bears had a chance after broke the neckline (mid blue pitch fork), but could not persist.
now SPY broke out of the upper blue pitch fork resistance. now the pressure is on bears.
if tomorrow comes with a pull back, i expect SPY pull back to back test the upper blue pitch fork line.