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Friday, December 16, 2011

from 12/14 night ($spx at 1209) & 12/15 morning special report

12/14 night when $spx was at 1209: was looking for higher market from $spx 1209, into cycle turn date, with the upside price target of ...

bsc is a medium call, a process, as i issued to members at the intiation date on Dec 5 at $spx 1266.

i initaited the black swan crash call on Jul 22, 2011 at $spx 1247 with a member comprehensive market report in details.

on Dec 6 when $spx topped at 1266, i initiated the 2nd medium term black swan crash call, and it's proceeding well. will take many more weeks or even months to complete.
i will issue more details in this coming weekend report in all aspects, including when could be the center of the storm, and what happened to $vix, $usd, European stock market, Gold ...

the 2008 black swan crash started on Aug 11, 2008 at $spx 1311 high, ended on Oct 10, 2008 (or Oct 27) at $spx 839. a medium term two months process.
2008 Oct bsc also was a process, a medium call, and lasted for many weeks or months.