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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

the roadmap

so far so good, it's perfectly planned, both time and price, structure.
i am seeing market going forward should also follow the planned roadmap, both time and price.

today's high is at 61.8% retrace along the upper green pitch fork line.

$spx has bottomed around the 61.8% retrace at yesterday's low of 1202.
yesterday's bottom was the Fibonacci 55th cycle day from Oct 4's 1074 bottom, a bottom to bottom cycle.

i also planned the next medium term cycle top and its upside price target in the roadmap, so far so good with confirmation of today's huge rally.

for private membership,

PS. on Dec 13, i posted a special deal.
that special deal is a guarantee. people signed up for the deal will get a full refund if $spx passes above 1267 for the rest of the year.
the Dec 13 post of the special deal:
no financial service in the world can do guarantee.
i am confident on my analysis, so that i provide this guarantee that $spx will not close above 1267 at end of the day for the rest of year 2011, otherwise i refund you.
this offer is good till 16:00 pm ET 12/15.

PPS. all those special deal members know what's coming per my roadmap, and won't be surprised by today's huge rally. i make it very clear of my upside target on both price and time.
but a guarantee is a guarantee, they will have full refund if above 1267. hence the service become a free trial for them.