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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

crash roadmap

$spx crash roadmap, and Gold crashing.
even though so far the crash scenario proceeds well, but there are certain criteria and timing need to be followed, otherwise the case will be relieved. i have developed a systematic way of warning these status. yes, crash is systematic and can be predicted, not just a random event.

i am not always bearish, presented and played the long side on Mar 6's $spx 1340 bottom (W4 report), and Apr 23's 1358 bottom ("QE pattern" report).  (reports available).

reverted to the bearish side exactly at $spx 1422 top and 1415 bounce top ($indu 4.5 year cycle  top).

imho, with open mind, trading is to be precise on both ends, not perma on either end.

with member update, i warned and listed the exact potential black swan crash scenario while $spx bounce to 1415 high, and $indu made a fresh new 4.5 year top  on May 1.

interested in following me on the crash roadmap while special membership discount still apply?
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yesterday's bounce is well expected from the crash roadmap as updated yesterday. so far, the crash roadmap proceeds well.

following is from intraday update of yesterday:
spx daily backbone vs crash year xxxx
a reference from the brown circled year xxxx Crash around the backbone line. a bounce is needed to relieve the short term oversold status of volume indicator, and extreme fear factor. the backbone line on both now and xxxx are on xxxx. xxxx crashed on the following xxxx. pattern rhythm, not repeat!
Note: crash is an extremely rare event, members should not have high expectation on the scenario, even though would be nice to catch the event once in a long while. PS. i successfully predicted and reported the xxxxx crash using the same pattern (triangle combo).

PS. my entire 2011 records was perfect on both MT long and short swings. but had a set back during Jan rally. adjusted, perfect records again since Mar 6's $spx 1340 bottom on both MT long and short swings. well, nobody is perfect, i believe my hit rate is higher than most.
i also presented gold, silver, commodities critical developement.