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Thursday, May 10, 2012

financials goes, so goes the market.

financials goes, so goes the market.
this is the 3rd pink diamond breaks down since Mar 20 peak.
every diamond breaks down induces deep plunges.
after the market close, JPM plunges more than 6.5%, C plunges more than 3.5%.

as expressed in the market close update, market should gap down tomorrow morning, then work off the fear factor. updated volume indicator spots this turn around beautifully.
financials should lead the market down tomorrow. financials goes, so goes the market.

J.P. Morgan Flags $2 Billion Trading Loss

i guess Meredith Whitney's upgrade of Citi at the peak is just like Goldman sach's bullish call on GOLD today.
after Meredith Whitney's upgrade on Citi, it dived 16% so far.
per my updated analysis, GOLD and commodities are at the verge on "point of recognition". i guess Goldma is in panic mode on their holdings. they could be the next after JPM to take billions of losses. domino effect! many more banks to follow.
i guess they are either holding the trapped bags, or eager to unload the inventories to the retails. will you catch their inventories? or ask me if you have question.