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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May 23 market close update

so far, i would say Monday May 21 presented LT Dome 3 vs LT Dome 2 roadmap is working perfectly, considering both Dome 2 and 3 pulled back from the green POR line and the retest the bottom with 3~4 points higher on both Dome 2 and Dome 3.

going forward, i see market should continue to proceed with the roadmap.

very interesting, DJIA closed down 6.66 today, and $spx bottomed at 666 on 3/6/2009.

for fun, on IPO day, i scrambled the word order of "facebook":
face book
book cafe
fake booc

11:04 am ET market update:
so far, $indu is the only major index made a new low (not spx, rut, compq, djusfn). $indu was the only index made a new high on May 1. could be ...

more later...
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