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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

spx, rut, indu, djusfn, compq POR

weekend report presented patterns and roadmap proceeds perfectly well.
spx, rut, indu, djusfn, compq POR 
from earlier updates and the market close update:
with POR firmly breaks down, i believe the lower complicated extended pink dome 3 is done. we could be into the interesting accelerating down phase, either 2008 or 1987 style that i have been presented last 1~2 weeks.
i started to present with the Jul~Aug 2011 black swan pattern while $spx was at 1415 peak, and then i have been presenting both 1987 and 2008 cases, they all rhythm well with the 5 sequences of patterns (none of the 5 patterns related to elliott wave, most of the patterns are discovered by my own ... not posting any of them publicly), ...

views could be changed anytime without  public notification, will real time notify through private membership.

i have been presenting these patterns and roadmap since $spx 1415 peak on May 1, not just now.
and i was bullish into 1415 peak since the 1358 bottom on Apr 23, also bullish at 1340 bottom on Mar 6.

spx daily backbone vs 1987 patterns

earlier presented Euro:USD stays below its green POR line is a good indication that $spx will break and stay below the POR.

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