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Thursday, June 28, 2012

FaceBook Volume resistance

PS 1). at $spx 1314.5, as member charts updated earlier, the bottom of the day most likely already reached. following phase 2 of the 5 phases Operation X roadmap.
2). imho, from member updated charts analysis with all-the-same propritary patterns, GLD and SLV might bounce up "substantially" from around here. (SLV $25.34, GLD 150.15).
"GLD and SLV are at a very challenging lower blue trend line support, probably some bounces from here to form sub dome iii."
that was on my earlier update of a propritary pattern that work for all assets.
3). at and before the close, prediction for tomorrow and beyound made to members, all according to the roadmap of Operation X initialted at 1363. so far so good for the Medium term roadmap up and down swings.

i was bullish on FB at 25.5 with wave-C bottom at 161.8% extension, now bearish on FB.