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Thursday, September 13, 2012

historical wall of worry wedge

Sep 13, 2012: FED all out with open ended ultimate QE3+, buying $40 Billion MBS per month with no end day, a QE forever.
FED is like a gambler betting on casino table, keep on losing on all strategies.
And at the last, desperately ALL IN, nothing left.
what would be the end result?
FED is forcing people to enter at high stake price. when it eventually fails, another financial crisis that could not be saved, and with all trapped at high price and huge balance sheet that could not be cleared in decades, will be the end of FED and ...
can it fail at high price to trap the gambler? consider fiscal cliff ...
what are the technicals here? all presented in the market close update and more to be issued.

following chart not necessary current market view.