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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Humblestudent membership Dec 26, 2014 Weekend Report

$spx is reaching the red backbone line with record high.

Two (F.IHS) scenarios presented below.
First, the primary reference pattern, the situation could be similar to the historical pattern as pink circle indicated.
With the pink circle historical pattern, $spx made new uptrend high with 20 points (green) above the previous uptrend high, then had a 33 points (red) correction that matched the size of the left shoulder, and then rallied to make another 8 points (blue) new uptrend high to conclude the pattern, and then started the down trend.
Here, so far $spx made new uptrend high with 13 points (green) from the previous uptrend high. After current uptrend completed, should have a correction, possibly matched the size of the left shoulder, and then moves up to conclude current uptrend.

Second, the alternate reference pattern, as the purple circle shown.